Autumn Sage; Salvia greggii - Butterfly Nectar Plant

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AUTUMN SAGE   Salvia greggii   Butterfly Nectar Plant

Autumn Sage Flower (Salvia greggii), Sleepy Orange butterfly (Abaeis nicippe)

Autumn Sage Flower Salvia greggii
Sleepy Orange butterfly Abaeis nicippe
Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii), Cloudless Sulphur butterfly </i>Phoebis sennae</i>

Autumn Sage Flower Salvia greggii
Cloudless Sulphur butterfly Phoebis sennae
Common Names: Autumn Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia greggii

Plant type: Perennial shrub in zones 7-9
Annual in all other zones

Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun for best bloom

Size: Up to 36 inches

Water: Water regularly

Soil: Grows in almost any soil

Propagation: Softwood cuttings, seed

Bloom: Pinks, reds, purples, whites, corals

Note: Hummingbird plant