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Butterfly Farming / Butterfly Breeder Intern's Letter

I found Shady Oak Farms to be an outstanding educational center. Edith, Stephen and “The Gang” created the most welcoming week of learning that I have ever experienced. I was greeted warmly at the airport and taken to their home. During the trip home we had a lively discussion of my hopes and dreams for my own Butterfly Farm. Edith asking pointed questions so she could further understand my level of knowledge making notes of things that she wanted to specifically educate me on.

Their home is beautiful and they were so warm and welcoming I was so glad that I decided to stay with them. My room was simply delightful, quiet and I had a private bath. (No one was in the other guest room.)

Edith and the crew are all about teaching interns all the ropes. I was taken through every aspect of their farm. They do not hold back anything. Edith’s philosophy is to share knowledge. Her manner of teaching is to show you what she does now and why she finds it to be effective. She shares the pitfalls that she has gone through. She backs everything she says with Science. She takes the time to work through new procedures in a scientific manner. She holds nothing back. You will never see Edith keeping something that she has learned to herself. She shares everything believing that open sharing helps everyone.

While I was at the farm a man from the USDA came to pick up caterpillars for their experiments commenting on being able to be sure that caterpillars from Shady Oak are exactly as stated. That Edith is to be trusted to only sell healthy animals and that there is never a shadow of a doubt when they purchase from Shady Oak Farm. Seeing how the farm is run it is no wonder that the USDA has such confidence in Shady Oak.

And during the trip to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Museum Edith and I were excitedly invited into the rearing facility. They had just received new pupa from Costa Rica and could not wait to show Edith. It was quite obvious that the staff at the museum love Edith for all her work for them and with them.

Overall going to Shady Oak was the very best thing I ever did. I would highly recommend it.

I had no experience with Butterfly Farming before and now I feel like a seasoned expert. With Edith comes support she has answered every question that I have come up with now that I am home and planning my farm. And through Edith I joined The Association For Butterflies which is the nicest group of butterfly enthusiasts I have ever met. Each member is as excited to help you as the next.

If you are even thinking about becoming a Butterfly Farmer I would highly suggest taking the time to intern at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm it will save you so much time and money getting things set up right from the start.

Happy Camper here.

Pam Lee
From CT.
Fluttering Wings and Heavenly Things Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Breeder - Butterfly Farm Internship and Butterfly Breeder - Butterfly Farm Seminar at this Florida butterfly farm.