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Butterfly Farm and Butterfly Breeder Seminars

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm offers seminar and internship programs.

Topics and activities covered in Shady Oak's Seminar programs:
adult butterfly care, egg production, larvae production, pupae pinning, eclosing methods, lepidoptera disease identification and prevention, packing and shipping, artificial diet, hand-pairing, plant propagation and production, butterfly farm layout, permit application, marketing, farmer networking, sources for supplies, and more.

At a seminar, you wash eggs once and perform a few other steps of farming if time allows. When time allows, you will check Monarch adult butterflies for OE and take time to look at our stored slides with OE. The amount of time available depends upon the length of seminar chosen and the number/type of questions asked during the seminar. No matter which you choose (seminar or internship), we are determined that you will go home knowing that you can spot OE without problem (if you’ve not already figured it out!). We cover most of the topics that we cover in the internship week but in much less depth, due to the fact that there is less time during a seminar.

Letter of Recommendation

Housing recommendations

Allergies and/or Special Needs:
If you have special needs, allergies, or food requests, please let us know before you arrive. We have cats at the house and we use bleach at the farm. If you have any special needs, we can better plan for your visit if you notify us as soon as we start discussing your plans to participate in either a seminar or the intership program.

Jeans or modest shorts and shirt are preferred. Sandals are not comfortable with the ground that is in some of our greenhouses. Be aware that a farm is not a clean place and nice clothing may leave our farm stained or bleached in a few spots from disinfecting eggs.

One-on-One Seminars and Interships are scheduled at your convenience. We are a working farm and although we raise butterflies year round, winter production is minimal. We schedule seminars and internships from the second week in March through the first week in November. We are prepared to have students Monday through Friday, only occasionally on weekends. Please contact us with a short selection of dates that you are available to come to the farm and we will discuss date availability that will best suit your needs.

If a spouse or /co-worker intends to take the seminar with you, we do not charge full price for each of you. Please email Edith for prices for additional guests.

On occasion we will hold large seminars. These are announced on our facebook page one or more months before the seminar. If you wish to know if a large seminar is scheduled, please email us.

You are welcome to bring your camera to take photos as you visit and/or work at the butterfly farm.

Scroll down for photos of interns at work and areas of Shady Oak Butterfly Farm.

Prices are located at the bottom of this page.
Latoya, from Jamaica,
with the farm family.
Adult butterfly care &
Feeding Monarch butterflies.
Sterilizing eggs and
caring for hatchling larvae.
Latoya feeds larvae in
the Larvae Laboratory.
Only a few species are
fed artificial diet.
Painted Lady butterflies
are the primary species
raised on artificial diet.
Milkweed is grown in six
greenhouses to feed
Monarch and Queen butterflies.
300 pupae can be 'pinned
in 20 minutes.
Butterflies are emerged
where predators and parasitiods
cannot harm them.
Latoya checks Monarch butterflies
for Ophryocystis elektroskirrha, Oe.
Latoya releases butterflies
into the 'apartments' or
screened gardens.
Julia butterflies 'sun'
in the apartments
before shipping.
USDA APHIS ppq526 permits
are required to ship
butterflies across state line.
Latoya collects butterflies to
ship for a butterfly release.
Butterflies are carefully
packed for safe shipping
to their release location.

Butterfly Farm Seminar Prices:
One day seminar;
$400 per person for a one to three person all-day seminar.
One Week Internship Program ; $1,250 includes all meals, airport pickup and delivery, and one trip to the Butterfly Rainforest at the University of Florida

We are often asked;
How can I learn how to raise butterflies?
Where can I learn to become a butterfly farmer or butterfly breeder?
We invite you to join us at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm in Florida for a one to three day Butterfly Breeder - Farmer Seminar or a one week Butterfly Breeder / Farmer Internship. Please email or phone if you are interested in this opportunity.