A Julia Butterfly Eats a Cookie

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A Julia Butterfly Eats A Cookie!

Like many humans, this Julia butterfly preferred a cookie for lunch. Instead of flower nectar or fruit, this butterfly ate a cookie. White chocolate macadamia nut, of course!
Julia butterfly eats a cookie
Julia butterfly eats a cookie
Julia butterfly eats an orange
Although normally found drinking nectar from flowers, two Julia butterflies chose to eat from this Subway cookie. One of our grandsons decided to share his cookie with the butterflies, placing it on a plate of fruit in a screened garden. Although nectar and fruit was available, two butterflies preferred the cookie. We moved the butterflies, after taking photos, to the fruit. They drank from the fruit for a few seconds before moving back to the cookie.

The third photo was taken earlier in the year. In the right photo, a Julia butterfly drinks from an orange.