Butterfly Logic Games, Can You Figure the Answers?

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Butterfly Logic Games and Brain Teasers
Logic and Math Questions & Games, Adapted With a Focus on Butterflies, Moths, and Nature.
These are NOT trick questions and the answers are totally logical.
Searching for a 'trick' to the question will only delay you finding the answer.
gray grey hairstreak butterfly flying
Flying in an Airplane

If an airplane is in flight and a butterfly is in it flying, does the butterfly add weight to the aircraft?

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monarch butterfly caterpillar larva head face capsule
One-Half a Caterpillar

A butterfly farmer has Monarch caterpillars and must leave her farm at daybreak in three days. No one is available to feed her caterpillars. She offers the caterpillars to gardener and butterfly enthusiast friends.

One friend, Mary, arrives that afternoon at the farm and says, "I don't have enough milkweed to feed all your caterpillars but I can feed some of them". Mary takes home 1/2 of the caterpillars plus 1/2 a caterpillar.

The next morning Brad arrives and says, "I'd like to take them all but I better only take some of them. Brad takes home 1/2 of the caterpillars plus 1/2 a caterpillar.

After lunch, Ginny arrives and says she will be glad to take 1/2 of the remaining caterpillars plus 1/2 a caterpillar. She leaves with that amount.

When Ginny leaves, the farmer has zero caterpillars left. No caterpillars were cut in half or harmed in any way.

Question: How many caterpillars did the farmer have when her first friend, Mary, arrived?

This is NOT a trick question and the answer is totally 100% logical.

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