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Butterfly and moth disease is abundant in nature.

Butterfly diseases are used to spray forests, gardens, and yards. Various species of moth caterpillars can be devastating to vegetable gardens, flower gardens, various crops, and entire forests. A degree of control is a gift to modern civilization. But when it comes to butterflies, we prefer to keep them healthy!
We encourage everyone who raises butterflies, from the classroom to the kitchen table to the laboratory, let's fight disease together!

Research and careful rearing techniques are essential to prevent or control butterfly and moth disease if you raise butterflies and moths in your home or classroom.

Disease is abundant in nature so be very careful. Start with disease-free eggs or caterpillars. Start each season with disinfected caterpillar rearing containers.
oe Ophryocystis elektroscirrha monarch butterfly disease protozoa
nosema spores through a microscope
OE; Ophryocystis elektroscirrha