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Butterfly Host Plants or Weeds?
Some plants in our yards which we consider weeds are essential for certain butterflies.
From the Buckeye to Amercian Lady, many butterflies are dependant upon weeds for their very lives!

Many of these plants are unattractive. How can we help butterflies by allowing these weeds to grow yet keep our yards neat and tidy? What can we do to help? Is it wrong to pull up these weeds from my gardens and lawn? Of course we can elimate these weeds from our lawns and gardens. But let's find places to plant them. From ditches to fields, streams to fence lines, we can either plant these plants (which are not noxious or invasive weeds) on our own property in wild areas or obtain permission to plant them elsewhere.

Learn to identify these weeds and read below for ideas.

American Painted Lady Vanessa virginiensis and Cudweed Gnaphalium sp.
American Painted Lady Butterfly on Lantana camara
Cudweed Gnaphalium host for American Painted Lady Butterfly
American Painted Lady
Vanessa virginiensis
Cudweed Gnaphalium sp.
Host plant for American Lady
American Painted Lady Caterpillar Nest
Cudweed host plant American Painted Lady larvae nest
American Lady caterpillar
in its nest made of cudweed.
Frass (droppings) are visable
at the bottom of the nest.

Buckeye Junonia coenia and it's many 'weed' host plants.
Buckeye Butterfly Junonia coenia nectar on Cosmos Flower
Blue Toadflax Linaria canadensis host plant for Buckeye Butterfly Caterpillar Larva Junonia coenia

An adult Buckeye Butterfly
Blue Toadflax Linaria canadensis Buckeye host plant.