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Photo Caption Contest

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a ladybug carries a droplet of water around on its back
Birds at a birdfeeder. Photo by Sandra Polk.
The new caption contest features this photo .

Suggested Captions:
  1.   "Whoever eats the most wins! GO!" Kim Rice
  2.   "Double your pleasure, double your fun!" Bernie G.
  3.   "It's mine. I saw it first."
  4.   "We have to quit meeting like this."
  5.   "Hurry before the squirrels find it!" Kim Rice
  6.   "Gimme a smooch"
  7.   "Okay, but just once, and no tongue." Louise Dawson
  8.   "Can you hear me now!!" Penny Sheffield
  9.   "Peekaboo, I SEE YOU!" Matthew Payawal
  11.   "Isn't this just like Lady & the Tramp? Siesta"
  12.   "I See You!" Angela Keeler
  13.   "You put your whole head in, you put your whole head out ..." Loretta Shigo
  14.   "... I'm certified in both Cave & Tunnel Seed Spelunking, so I'll lead..." Karen Bernstein
  15.   "Hey Frank?" "Yeah, Sam?" "Do you see what i see?" Kali
  16.   ""