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Photo Caption Contest Archives

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a ladybug carries a droplet of water around on its back
A ladybug carries about a droplet of water.

Winning caption by Kathy Nash

"Drinks are on me!"
  1.   "Water conservation! Every little droplet counts!" Stacy Ross
  2.   (Ladybug singing) "Rain drops keep falling on my head..." Dana Gibson
  3.   "I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... The Little Lady Bug That Could" Leslie Gilson
  4.   "Water off a bugs back?" Stacy Ross
  5.   "I'm really working up a sweat here, it's too darn hot!" Steve Trumpower
  6.   "Endurance Challenge Winner" Kathie Balaam
  7.   "Ladies we must Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!" Stacy Ross
  8.   "Dew I look pretty?" Dana Gibson
  9.   "I knew one more spot would make all the difference!" Kim Rice
  10.   "Wow! That's the last time I go through that elytra wash!" Brandy Mulvaine
  11.   "No sweat off my back." Kim Rice
  12.   The ladybug says nervously, "Please don't fall. DON'T LOOK DOWN!" Kimberly Rice
  13.   "...there's just no way these contact lenses are going to fit...!" Karen
  14.   "You never know where a security camera will be placed!" Debbie Parise
  15.   "It's Elementary, my dear Watson" Janine Czarnecki
  16.   "Dropping" by to help you grow - (Ladybugs protect the garden, you know.) Rosie Bishop
  17.   "Drinks are on me!" Kathy Nash
  18.   Says the frustrated ladybug after a long day of work, "Can't I get a break! Get off my back!" Kim Rice
a julia butterfly drinks from an orange - dryas julia
A Julia butterfly drinks from an orange. The winner of this contest is Elizabeth Mann with "Grab a Straw and Join Me!".

Suggested Captions Were:
  1.   "Mothra against Godzilla!" Susana Romero
  2.   "Orange Julius" Bernie Golczynski
  3.   "Back off, this is my dinner!" Sandy Wilson
  4.   "Grab a straw and join me!" Elizabeth Mann
  5.   "Orange you glad I'm a light drinker!" Elizabeth Mann
  6.   "Gaze deeply into my eyes. Relax. When I count to 3, you will crawl like a caterpillar!" Anne Kirkwood
  7.   "What are you looking at?" Kim Rice
  8.   "Soooooooo Who's your favorite Idol?" Pam Lee
  9.   "Orange Julia??? How can you be sure it's not an Orange JULIUS from this angle???" John and Joanna Caldwell
  10.   "Orange does the body good. It is the real thing!." Rick Pearce
  11.   "Orange Margarita please, leave the salt." Theresa Chesmore

a frog sits in a butterfly garden
"Do you think green is my color?" Andrea Smith

Suggested Captions:
  1.   "Geico Impersonator!" Theresa Chesmore
  2.   "Ok now, let me remember,what's the difference between a monarch and a painted lady again?" Rosanna Urban Parra
  3.   "Now where is my Guardian Butterfly when I need her?!" Katelin Mathews
  4.   "I know the audition for KERMIT-THE MOVIE was on this street somewhere!" Brandy Mulvaine
  5.   "Do you think green is my color?" Andrea Smith   The winning caption!
  6.   "Where’s my prince charming?" Sandra Wilson
  7.   "Does this leaf make my butt look big?" Karen Acton
  8.   "It's getting easier to be green" Anne Kirkwood
  9.   "At first they all laughed when Oliver said he was a Gondolier, but after he demonstrated his rowing skills, his striped shirt, handkerchief and hat were returned to him." Valerie LaForge
  10.   "If walking this without a net doesn't attrach some babes, I'm moving to a monastary." Bernie Golczynski
  11.   " If only I had wings, I wouldn't bump my butt on the ground." Theresa Darby
  12.   "This looks like a great place to poop!" Glenn Baines
Giant Swallowtail Larva, Orange Dog Caterpillar, Osmeterium
Two Gulf Fritillary Butterflies drink nectar from Sunflower Tree blooms.
Note the spider below the flower!

Suggested Captions:
  1.   "Welcome to my parlor", said the spider to the (butter)fly. A. DeRenzo
  2.   The spider is thinking "I'm seeing doubles!" M. Payawal
  3.   "Yippee! Two-course meal!"
  4.   "I'm outta here!!" K Klawiter
  5.   "Did you feel something?" K Klawiter
  6.   "Hey, you guys, a little less noise, please. I'm taking a nap down here." S Fordyce
  7.   "Hey babe, do you come here often? What's your sign?" A Kirkwood
  8.   "Why are you two spinning a web of lies about me?" D Evans
  9.   "Two heads are better than one!" Louise
  10.   "The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the flower stem
It saw TWO butterflies on top & knew he couldn't win,
So he jumped over to the other flower
and ate a couple of ANTS instead!" M Gorge
  11.   "Double, double toil and trouble; Sunlight burns, and nectar bubbles" J Knight
  12.   "They met on the Net, they died in the Web." Eddie
  13.   "Phew, that nectar sure is strong... I'm seeing double!" J Knight
  14.   "SHARING...What a concept!" D Paschall
  15.   "We can all live together" T. Owens
  16.   "He won't try anything with two of us here!" Mary

Giant Swallowtail Larva, Orange Dog Caterpillar, Osmeterium
An Orange Dog displays its osmeterium.

We had three winners this month; each receives a $15 gift card from Shady Oak Butterfly Farm.

Winners are listed below.

Suggested Captions:
  1.   Fire-breathing Dragon
  2.   "I'm warning you -- for the last time....." L. Rippert
  3.   Winning Caption:   "Now I'm sure to win first place in the handlebar mustache contest!" B. Mulvaine
  4.   Winning Caption:   "On Dancer, On Prancer" J. Evans
  5.   "What up Dog?" D Evans.
  6.   "Where's Estee Lauder now?" Despina
  7.   "I am dee Mighty Awange Dawg. If you mess wif me, I gonna stink you!" A. Kirkwood
  8.   Winning Caption:   "Oooo, Dog! What big osmeterium you have!" S. Fordyce
  9.   "Hey, you LOOKIN at me?" S. Evans
  10.   "If you got it, flaunt it!" D. Nunn
  11.   "Beware my Voodoo Magic!" ::insert evil laugh::" K. Klawiter
  12.   "What are you looking at?" K. Klaiter
  13.   "Double Whammy, ( Bright Color & Scent)" E. Blaney
  14.   "What's for supper??" D. Cabiness
  15.   "Look at me now, Maw" D. Lennon
  16.   “Mira! Scarf sale, aisle 8!” R. Votaw
  17.   "Rudolph the Red-Horned Reindeer" D. Parise
Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillar
Winning Caption; "Who needs a spinning wheel?"
By Cathy Hingos
Pipevine Swallowtail preparing to pupate.

Suggested Captions:
  1.   "Knit one, pearl two"
  2.   "You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out ... "
  3.   "Does this come in an extra-large?"
  4.   "I wish I had thumbs"
  5.   "Hmmm, I see the rip cord, but where's the parachute?"
  6.   "The best is yet to be"---Robert Browning
  7.   "Ya know, this thing fit me yesterday- I swear!
  8.   "Does this stick make me look fat??"
  9.   "Cameras put on an extra 20 lbs, let me get my girdle on first."
  10.   "When things get tough, hang on in there!"
  11.   “Here’s lookin’ at you kid!”
  12.   "Anyone wanna play Cats in the Craddle?"
  13.   "This stuff is soo sticky, it happens everytime. Can you help me get it off?"
  14.   "If you think this is cool, you should see me on the trapeze!"
  15.   "I wish I had wings."
  16.   "Who needs a spinning wheel?!"