Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars

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Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars

Butterfly and moth caterpillars bring shudders to some and delight to others. These 'worms' are the childhood stage of a butterfly's life. Each one, if it survives the harships of nature, will become an adult butterfly or moth. Caterpillars of many species of butterflies and moths can be identified simply by its appearance. If you find a caterpillar (they are not worms!) on a plant, the first indication of species of butterfly (or moth) is the type of plant that the caterpillar is found upon. Also important is the place in the world where the caterpillar is found. Few species of butterflies are found in all parts of the world.

american painted lady Vanessa virginiensis butterfly caterpillars atala Eumaeus atala butterfly caterpillars
American Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars
Vanessa virginiensis
Atala Butterfly Caterpillars
Eumaeus atala
cloudless sulphur Phoebis sennae butterfly caterpillars cecropia moth Hyalophora cecropia caterpillar
Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillars
Phoebis sennae
Cecropia Moth Caterpillar
Hyalophora cecropia
eastern black swallowtail Papilio polyxenes butterfly caterpillar hackberry emperor Asterocampa celtis butterfly caterpillar
Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar
Papilio polyxenes
Hackberry Emperor Butterfly Caterpillar
Asterocampa celtis
great purple hairstreak Atlides halesus butterfly caterpillar giant swallowtail Papilio cresphontes butterfly caterpillar
Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly Caterpillar
Atlides halesus
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar
Papilio cresphontes
imperial moth Eacles imperialis caterpillar io moth Automeris io caterpillar
Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Eacles imperialis
IO Moth Caterpillar
Automeris io
ruddy daggerwing butterfly Marpesia petreus caterpillar io moth Automeris io caterpillars
Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly Caterpillar
Marpesia petreus
IO Moth (Young) Caterpillars
Automeris io
viceroy butterfly Limenitis archippus caterpillar spicebush swallowtail butterfly Papilio troilus caterpillars
Viceroy Butterfly Caterpillar
Limenitis archippus
Spicebush Swallotail Butterfly Caterpillars
Papilio troilus
eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly Papilio glaucus caterpillar zebra swallowtail butterfly Eurytides marcellus caterpillar
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar
Papilio glaucus
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar
Eurytides marcellus
saddleback moth Sibine stimulea caterpillar zebra swallowtail butterfly Eurytides marcellus caterpillar
Saddleback Moth Caterpillar
Sibine stimulea
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar (Young)
Eurytides marcellus
puss moth caterpillar flannel moth caterpillar
Puss Moth Caterpillar
Flannel Moth Caterpillar (Young)
gulf fritillary butterfly Agraulis vanillae caterpillar oleander polka-dot moth Syntomeida epilais caterpillar
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar
Agraulis vanillae
Sibine stimulea
Oleander (Polka-Dot) Moth Caterpillar
Syntomeida epilais
question mark butterfly Polygonia interrogationis caterpillar cassius blue butterfly Leptotes cassius caterpillar
Question Mark Butterfly Caterpillar
Polygonia interrogationis
Cassius Blue Butterfly Caterpillar
Leptotes cassius