Ceraunus Blue Butterfly Lifecycle Hemiargus ceraunus

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Ceraunus Blue Butterfly
Hemiargus ceraunus
Ceraunus Blue Hemiargus ceraunus and Cassius Blue Leptotes cassius butterflies are similar.
Ceraunus Blue drinking from
Rice Button Aster
Ceraunus Blue butterfly
Hemiargus ceraunus
An egg laid while I was photographing this Ceraunus Blue.
Laying an egg on Hairy Indigo Indigofera hirsuta.
Ceraunus Blue
Hemiargus ceraunus
Drinking nectar from
the flowers of Hairy Indigo.
Resting with wings partially open.
Caught in mid-flight.
The top side of the wings have a touch of blue.
Flower of Hairy Indigo Indigofera hirsuta
Ceraunus Blue caterpillar larva