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CUDWEED Gnaphalium sp.

American Painted Lady and Painted Lady butterfly Vanessa atalanta Host or Larval Food Plants
American Painted Lady and American Lady butterflies are VERY similar. Scroll down for plant information.

Broad leaf cudweed.

Broad leaf cudweed
American Painted Lady (Vanessa atalanta) caterpillars hide in a nest made of cudweed (Gnaphaluim sp.) bloom or leaves.

American Painted Lady caterpillars hide in a nest made of cudweed bloom or leaves.

Botanical Name: Gnaphalium sp.

Common Names: Cudweed

Plant type: Short annual weed.

Light: Sun, light shade, shade

Size: Grows to 2 feet, depending upon species

Water: Drought tolerant

Soil: Well drained soil

Propagation: Seed

Note: Host plant for American Painted Lady butterfly Vanessa atalanta. Common Buckeye butterfly caterpillars will also use cudweed as a host plant in rare circumstances. Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars will also eat cudweed.