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Egg Production
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Butterflies sometimes need a bit of prompting to lay eggs, especially on cold, dark, and/or rainy days. The secret is to make them think it is a bright warm sunny day. Because thier instinct is to fly to light, their host plant should be placed where they will have to constantly touch it as they go to the light source. Using a timer set to turn off or on every 10 minutes to every hour will constantly be stimulated to move again and will touch the plant again - laying more eggs.
How to get a butterfly to lay eggs
how to get a butterfly to lay eggs
To get to the light
butterflies must walk on milkweed
Walking on milkweed
prompts them to lay eggs
get a butterfly to lay eggs
laying eggs in captivity
Black nursery pot
with milkweed
and 2 Monarchs
One of the female
Monarchs is laying
an egg in the pot
Great Purple Hairstreak laying eggs
Great Purple Hairstreak laying an egg
Great Purple Hairstreak
laying eggs inside
a small clear cup
A close up view
of a Great Purple Hairstreak
butterfly laying an egg
Dr. Jaret Daniel's Miami Blue butterfly rearing project at the McGuire Center
Dr. Jaret Daniel's
Miami Blue Butterfly
rearing project (McGuire Center)