Find Zebra LognwingButterfly Eggs and Caterpillars

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Find Zebra Longwing Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden!

Zebra Longwing butterflies lay eggs on passionvine (passion flower) that is growing in the shade. If you do not have passionvine Passiflora (also called passion flower) plants in your yard, you won't find eggs or caterpillars. If your yard is bright and sunny, without shade near the area, you probably won't see Zebra Longwing butterflies in your garden.

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zebra longwing butterfly florida state black yellow white
Zebra Longwing
Florida State Butterfly
zebra longwing eggs on passionvine passion flower vine
Eggs on the tip
of Boomerang Passionvine
zebra longwing eggs on passionvine flower vine tendril in shade
Eggs viewed
through microscope
Zebra Longwing butterflies lay eggs singly. If few 'perfect' tips of passionvine are available, many eggs may be laid on one passionvine tip.
white with black hairs zebra longwing caterpillars on passionvine flower vine
Larvae photographed
in the wild
zebra longwing young caterpillars on passionvine passion flower vine
Young caterpillars
on passionvine
white caterpillar worm with black hair spikes zebra longwing butterfly
Caterpillars are white
with black hairs or spikes
Ingredients to find Zebra Longwing eggs and caterpillars:
1. Passionvine plant growing in a
2. Shady area
3. Zebra Longwing adult butterflies

Zebra Longwings prefer shady areas. If you live in a fairly shady area and plant passionvine in your yard in the shade, Zebra Longwings are likely to visit, move in, and deposit eggs.

Check passion vine tips and tendrils for tiny yellow eggs (eggs may darken as the caterpillar develops inside). Small caterpillars are almost translucent. As they grow, they become white with black hairs or spines. They cannot hurt you. Touching one is like petting a hairbrush.

Bright red blooming passion flower plants are not host plants for Zebra Longwing butterflies. Although butterflies may lay eggs upon the plant, they will rarely, if ever, become an adult butterfly.