Mistakes to avoid when gluing butterfly pupae

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What NOT to do when gluing butterfly chrysalises or pupae

Teachers, gardeners, enthusiasts, butterfly breeders, and butterfly farmers often 'hot' glue pupae after removing them from their rearing containers. There are several safe ways to glue or reattach pupae. One can even glue a pupa farther down the pupa than most of us first realize!

BUT there are also several UNSAFE ways to glue pupae.
monarch chrysalis glued with a glue strand across its back is unsafe
A glue strand lays
across the pupa
after it is glued
monarch chrysalis pupa caught in a strand of hot glue
When emerged, it can
become tangled in
the strand of glue
monarch chrysalis pupa caught in a strand of hot glue
This entanglement
can lead to death
of the butterfly
After gluing pupae, remove all strands of cooled glue that may lay across the backs of the pupae. Depending upon where the glue is laying across the pupa, it may entangle its wings or legs in the glue. If wings are entangled, the wings will never become full flat beautiful wings. If legs become entangled, it can suspend and die.
black swallowtail pupa chrysalis glued attached upside down
When glued upside down
the butterfly cannot emerge
and will die
monarch chrysalis pupa glued wrong, upside down
A Monarch chrysalis
is glued
upside down
Monarch butterfly chrysalis pupa glued properly
Properly glued
Monarch butterfly
When glued upside down, the chrysalis is sealed and the butterfly cannot emerge. They always emerge from the same place ... the back of the thorax. If one is glued upside down, remove it gently after the glue has cooled. Reglue it correctly.