Golden Dew Drop
Nectar Plant for Butterflies

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GOLDEN DEWDROP   Duranta repens
Butterfly Nectar Plant

Variegated purple and whiteGolden Dewdrop (Duranta repens) butterfly nectar source plant

Golden Dewdrop
butterfly nectar source
Lavender - Golden Dewdrop flowers (Duranta repens) butterfly nectar source plant

Lavender - Golden Dewdrop flowers
Duranta repens
butterfly nectar source plant.

Botanical Name: Duranta repens
Common Names: Golden Dewdrop
Plant type: Tall Shrub
Zone: 8 - 11
Light: Sun
Size: Ten feet
Water: Average water needs
Soil: Well drained soil
Propagation: Cuttings, seed
Bloom: Purple, white, or purple with a white edge
Note: Variegated plants are also available
Note: This plant is named for the golden seed pods after it blooms