Queen Butterfly; Danaus gilippus

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Queen Butterfly
Danaus gilippus
'Queen' is a species of butterfly which uses milkweed as a host plant.

Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus, drinking nectar from milkweed.
Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus, caterpillar.
Queen butterflies use milkweed
as both a host and nectar plant.
A Queen caterpillar eating milkweed.
Larva of Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus.
Male Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus.
Queen caterpillars, like Monarch caterpillars,
eat milkweed.
Male Queen resting in the middle of the day.
A Queen butterfly caterpillar cuts a leaf before eating it.
Female Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus.
Late instar Queen caterpillars (like Monarchs)
often cut the vein of a leaf before eating it.
A female Queen butterfly.
A male Queen's black spots are easily visable
when his wings are open.
Queen butterflies enjoy nectar from wild mistflower.
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