Question Mark Butterfly; Polygonia interrogationis

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Question Mark Butterfly Polygonia interrogationis
False Nettle, Question Mark butterfly host plant.
Question Mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis, eggs stacked on top of each other.
False Nettle and Hackberry
are two of their several host plants
Question Mark butterflies often lay eggs one on top of the other.
Question Mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis, hatchling caterpillar.
Question Mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis, small caterpillars. >
A hatchling caterpillar
has finished eating its eggshell.
Several young caterpillars.
Question Mark caterpillars, Polygonia interrogationis.
Two larger Question Mark caterpillars.
Question Mark caterpillars
are quite colorful.
Question Marks lay a mat of pink silk to attach
themselves in their 'J' as they prepare for pupation.
After wiggling out of its skin, the chrysalis shapes itself into
an oddly shaped lump with metallic gold shining in the light.
A freshly emerged Question Mark butterfly
and empty chrysalis shell.
A Question Mark dines on an apple slice.
A bird suet feeder holds fruit, a meal
Question Mark butterflies enjoy.
Drinking fruit traces from the hand which cut the fruit.