How to remove Butterfly Chrysalises

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Removing Butterfly Chrysalises Safely
When you need to relocate a chrysalis, use caution!
They know how to attach themselves securely and we need to know the tricks to removing a butterfly chrysalis (pupa) (not cocoon) or we can break a chrysalis open.
Swallowtails and chrysalises which are attached with a 'girdle'.

The girdle is so strong that in a tug where the strand and chrysalis are in a battle, the strand often wins, cutting into the chrysalis. There are three major choices; 1) Use scissors or a knife, cut the silk girdle before loosening the silk at the base of the chrysalis, 2) dampen the silk and wait a few seconds before gently easing it off the item to which it is attached (tip by Mona Miller), or 3) use a sharp instrument to loosen the silk from the item to which it is attached.
Giant Swallowtail chrysalis pupa silk girdle being cut so it can be removed to reattach in a different area (Papilio cresphontes)
The silk girdle holds
the chrysalis tight
Using scissors, the silk girdle
is cut loose.
Chrysalises attached by a creamaster alone.
A chrysalis attaches much like Velcro attaches. The cremaster is made of many hooks which tangle tightly in the loops of the silk pad woven by the caterpillar. To remove a chrysalis, either 1) dampen the silk (tip by Mona Miller), 2) use a tool to gently lift the silk, or 3) VERY gently ease the silk by hand from the object to which it is attached.

If you pull the chrysalis, it is easy to break the chrysalis at the base of the cremaster.
cremaster hooks and silk web of Black Swallowtail chrysalis pupa
Monarch cremaster hooks and web silk pad made by caterpillar larva
monarch butterfly cremaster and silk button pad
Black Swallowtail cremaster
hooks and silk pad
Monarch butterfly cremaster
and sik pad
Monarch butterfly cremaster
and silk pad