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How Can I Save Caterpillars in my Garden From Predators
Without Bringing Them Inside?

Answer: Sleeve them!

A sleeve can be made easily from sheer curtain material. Simply cut the material and glue or sew it into a tube. Slip the tube over the plant or branch and secure both ends of your tube.

If you prefer to take the easy route, simply order 'sleeves'. These sleeves fit over a branch like a sock over a foot. The open end has stops that secure the end to keep predators and parasitiods out!

One section of the sleeve is clear plastic; "easier to see you with my dear" yet keeps the 'big bad wolf' at bay.

Small Sleeve for caterpillars.
Medium Sleeve on Hollyhock
Large Sleeve on Willow
Predators include spiders, wasps, dragonflies, katydid, robber flies, and dozens more predators.

Parasitoids include tachinid flies and chalcid wasps.