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Stinging Caterpillars
These moth larvae (caterpillars) will sting badly! Do NOT touch them!
IO Moth Automeris io
Saddleback Moth Sibine stimulea
Puss Moth Megalopyge opercularis

Please do not touch these caterpillars, they can sting!

IO Moth (Automeris io) stinging caterpillar larva
IO Moth (Automeris io) adult.
IO moth
(pronounced as if you are spelling out the word, I-O)
Automeris io
IO moth Automeris io adult.
The adult cannot sting or hurt
Saddleback Moth (Sibine stimulea) stinging caterpillar
Puss Moth (Megalopyge opercularis) caterpillar larva will sting.
The Saddleback moth caterpillar
Sibine stimulea
Puss moth caterpillar
Megalopyge opercularis
resembles a guinea pig!