Stokes Aster
Nectar Plant for Butterflies

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Stoke's Aster   Stokesia laevis
Butterfly Nectar Plant

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White Stokes Aster flower (Stokesia laevis) with an American Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa virginiana)

An American Painted Lady Vanessa virginiana butterfly drinks from Stokes Aster.

Botanical Name: Stokesia laevis

Common Names: Stoke's Aster, Stokes Aster

Flower - Bloom color: Blue, White

Plant type: Perennial

Zone: 5 - 11

Light: Sun

Size: 1'

Water: Average, tolerates dry soil

Soil: Average.

Propagation: Seed, division

Favorite Nectar Source for: American Painted Lady Vanessa virginiana, Pipevine Swallowtail Battus philenor, and various skipper butterflies