White Peacock Butterfly; Anartia jatrophae

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White Peacock Anartia jatrophae

White Peacock butterflies are found primarily in South Florida and South Texas. It hs been reported in several other states, according to the USGS map.
White Peacock butterfly, Anartia jatrophae
Green Shrimp plant, one plant that White Peacock caterpillars will eat.
White Peacock
anartia jatrophae
Green Shrimp plant with White Peacock eggs.
White Peacock butterfly caterpillar.
White Peacock butterfly larva caterpillar.
Caterpillar larva
Older and larger caterpillar.
White Peacock butterfly pupa - chrysalis
White Peacock butterfly pupae chrysalises
Chrysalises or Pupae;
normal colors are green or black.
If raised on Stonefly artificial diet
the pupa/chrysalis is teal (left)
White Peacock butterfly pair sunning
White Peacock butterflies